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실리콘을 주재료로 작업해 온  한국의 장신구작가 권슬기씨가

미국의 Art Jewelry Forum 이 선정한 2014 Art Jewelry Forum Artists Award 수상자로  선정되었다.

매년 전 세계의 장신구 작가를 대상으로 선정하는 이 상은 장신구 분야의 국제적인 권위을 지닌 상으로 부상했으며  

2013년에는 한국의 김수연작가가 수상한 바 있다. 올해는 27개국으로부터123명의 작가가 응모했다.

최종 선정자인 5명의 Finalists 안에는 한국의 작가 김희주씨도 선정되는 영예를 가졌다.

권슬기씨는 상금으로 미화 7500 달러를 받으며 2015년 뮨혠의 수공에박람회에서 다른 Finalists 4명과 전시회를

할 기회를 갖게되며, 1년동안 Art Jewelry Forum 의 회원으로 다양한 활동기회를 갖고

2015년의 심사위원으로 참가한다.


Art Jewelry Forum 의 심사평

Kwon uses the theme of plant images to express meanings and symbols of memories of her daily life. Plants change their form at each stage of growth: seeds sprout, spread roots, and bloom. This course of change gives rise to unpredictable organisms and organic forms. Kwon’s work actively expresses the organic movements of plants, with their mysterious colors and constantly changing forms, creating texture with the materiality and transparency of silicone. Kwon tries to express the living in her work, so most of her pieces have rich colors and unique shapes. 


Carin Reinders stated, “Seulgi uses silicone, glass, and pigments with great beauty and poetic transparency. The brooch A Soft Rain has the softness and the vulnerability of the first soft and refreshing drops. Deep in the Night gives the awareness of a night in the jungle with the great emerald green stone, glowing in the dark. Seulgi’s work has great poetic power and classical elements, but is constructed in a very contemporary way.” Sooyeon Kim commented, “Because of Seulgi’s deep understanding of silicone as a material, it seems like she has power over the material. This would not be possible without ceaseless study. Her exotic forms and bright colors have a special fascination.” Ms. Rotenberg added, “Seulgi demonstrates an innovative and beautiful use of material; her work is visually compelling.” 

Kwon earned a bachelor’s (2007) and a master’s (2010) of fine arts metalwork and jewelry at Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea.