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B. Thirumalraj, A. Krishnapandi, S.-M. Chen, S. MSP, H. Choe, "Rational design and interplayer effect of dysprosium-stannate nanoplatelets incorporated graphene oxide: a versatile and competent electrocatalyst for toxic carbamate pesticide detection in vegetables", ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 8(48), pp. 17882-17892, 2020.☞

P. Jenei, C. Kádár, G. Han, P.T. Hung, H.Choe, J. Gubicza, "Annealing-induced changes in the microstructure and mechanical response of a Cu nanofoam processed by dealloying", Metals, 10, 1128, 2020.☞

P. Jenei, G. Han, P.T. Hung, H.Choe, J. Gubicza, "Influence of pack cementation time on the microstructure of Cu nanofoams processed by dealloying", IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 903, 012047, 2020.☞

H. Park, C. Li, A.E. Jakus, R.N. Shah, H. Choe, D.C. Dunand, "High-temperature mechanical properties of gamm/-gamma prime Co-Ni-W-Al superalloy microlattices", Scripta Materialia, 188, pp. 146-150, 2020.☞

T. Um, S.K. Wilke, H. Choe, D.C. Dunand, "Effects of pore morphology on the cyclical oxidatio/-reduction of iron foams created via camphene-based freeze casting", Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 845, 156278, 2020.☞

H. Park, K. Kim, K. Jeong, J. Kang, H. Cho, B. Thirumalraj, Y. Sung, H. Han, J. Kim, D.C. Dunand, H. Choe, "Integrated porous cobalt oxide/cobalt anode with micro- and nano-pores for lithium ion battery", Applied Surface Science, 525, 146592, 2020.☞

S.V. Shilko, D.A. Chernous, Q. Zhang, Y. Lin, H. Choe, "Uniaxial compression model for a metal-matrix/hollow-microsphere composite synthesized by pressure infiltration", Mechanics of Materials, 144, 103349, 2020.☞

M. El-Tahawy, P. Jenei, T. Kolonits, G. Han, H. Park, H. Choe, J. Gubicza, "Different evolutions of the microstructure, texture, and mechanical performance during tension and compression of 316L stainless steel", Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 51, pp. 3447-3460, 2020.☞

Y. Song, J. Hwang, S. Lee, B. Thirumalraj, J. Kim, P. Jenei, J. Gubicza, H. Choe, "Synthesis of a high-capacity NiO/Ni foam anode for advanced lithium-ion batteries",Advanced Engineering Materials, 2020.Kang's nanoporous WC



G. Han, B. Kinzer, R.Garcia-Mendez, H. Choe, J. Wolfenstine, J. Sakamoto, "Correlating the effect of dopant type (Al, Ga, Ta) on the mechanical and electrical properties of hot-pressed Li-garnet electrolyte", Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2019.☞

S. Lee, J. Tam, W. Li, B. Yu, H.J. Cho, J. Samei, D.S. Wilkinson, H. Choe, U. Erb, "Multi-Scale Morphological Characterization of Ni foams with Directional Pores", Materials Characterization, 2019.☞

K. Hong, H. Park, Y. Kim, M. Knapek, P. Minárik, K. Máthis, A. Yamamoto, H. Choe, "Mechanical and biocorrosive properties of magnesium-aluminum alloy scaffold for biomedical applications",Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 2019.☞

K. Nam, S. Lee, K. Hong, J. Kang, H. Jo, H. Park, Y.-E. Sung, P. Jenei, J. Gubicza, K. Kwon, H.-S. Nam, H. Choe, "Freeze casting is a facile method to create solid solution alloy foams: Cu-Ni alloy foams via freeze casting", Advanced Engineering Materials, 2019.☞

G. Han, J. Um, H. Park, K. Hong, W.-S. Yoon, H. Choe, "Hierarchically structured nanoporous copper for use as lithium-ion battery anode", Scripta Materialia, 2019.☞

M.K Shobana, H. Park, H. Choe, "The influence of lithium on the optical and electrical properties of CoLixFe1-xO4 nanoferrites", Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2019.Kang's nanoporous WC

H. Park, K. Hong, J. Kang, T. Um, M. Knapek, P. Minárik, Y.-E. Sung, K. Máthis, A. Yamamoto, H. Kim, H. Choe, "Acoustic emission analysis of the compressive deformation of iron foams and their biocompatibility study", Materials Science and Engineering C, 2019.☞Fe foam processing paper



M. El-Tahawy, T. Um, H.-S. Nam, H. Choe, J. Gubicza, "The effect of hydrogen charging on the evolution of lattice defects and phase composition during tension in 316L stainless steel", Materials Science and Engineering A, 2018.☞

M.K. Shobana, H.-S. Nam, H. Choe, "The effects of lithium and yttrium substitution on the optical and structural properties of cobalt ferrites", Indian Journal of Physics, 2018.☞

J. Kang, J. Kim, J.S. Kim, K. Nam, H. Jo, Y.J. Son, J. Kang, J. jeong, H. Choe, T.-K. Kwon, Y.-E. Sung, "Electrochemically synthesized mesoscopic nickel oxide films as photocathodes for dye-sensitized solar cells", ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2018.Kang's nanoporous WC (Supplementary Information)

J. Gubicza, R. Nemeth, H. Park, K. Kim, J. Kim, M. Ovári, M. Mohai, H. Choe, "Effect of Lithiation on the Microstructure of a Cobalt Foam Processed by Freeze Casting", Advanced Engineering Materials, 2018.Fe foam processing paper

H. Park, T. Um, K. Hong, J. Kang, H. Nam, K. Kwon, Y. Sung, H. Choe, "Effects of Powder Carrier on the Morphology and Compressive Strength of Iron Foams: Water vs Camphene", Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 2018.Fe foam processing paper

J. Gubicza, P. Jenei, K. Nam, C. Kádár, H. Jo, H.Choe, "Compressive behavior of Cu-Ni alloy foams: Effects of grain size, porosity, pore directionality, and chemical composition", Materials Science and Engineering A, 725, pp. 160-170, 2018.Cu-Ni alloy foam paper

K. Máthis, K. Horváth, G. Farkas, H. Choe, K.S. Shin, A. Vinogradov, "Investigation of the Microstructure Evolution and Deformation Mechanisms of a Mg-Zn-Zr-RE Twin-Roll-Cast Magnesium Sheet by In-Situ
Experimental Techniques", Materials, 11, 200, pp. 1-13, 2018.
Mg alloy paper

J. Kang, J. Kim, M. Lee, Y. Son, D. Chung, S. Park, J. Jeong,J. Yoo, H. Shin, H. Choe, H.S. Park, Y.-E. Sung, "Electrochemically synthesized nanoporous molybdenum carbide as a durable electrocatalyst for hydrogen
evolution reaction", Advanced Science, 2018.
Kang's nanoporous WC

M. El-Tahawy, P.H.R. Pereira, Y. Huang, H. Park, H. Choe, T.G. Langdon, J. Gubicza, "Exceptionally high strength and good ductility in an ultrafine-grained 316L steel processed by severe plastic deformation and subsequent annealing", Materials Letters, 214, pp. 240-242, 2018.Jeno 316L SS

J. Wolfenstine, J.L. Allen, J. Sakamoto, D.J. Siegel, H. Choe, "Mechanical behavior of Li-ion-conducting crystalline oxide-based solid electrolyte: a brief review", Ionics, 2018.solid electrolyte review

K. Nam, H. Park, H. Choi, H. Choe, "Continuity as a governing parameter to predict the strength of porous materials", Materials Letters, 214, pp. 99-102, 2018.Contiguity_Nam

H. Park, H. -H. Cho, K. Kim, K. Hong, J. -H. Kim,H. Choe, D. C. Dunand, "Surface-oxidized, freeze-cast cobalt foams: Microstructure, mechanical properties and electrochemical performance", Acta Materialia, 142, pp. 213 - 225, 2018.Hyeji_Acta Mater



H. Park, S. Lee, M. Jo, S. Park, K. Kwon, M. K. Shobana, H. Choe, "Nanowire-like copper oxide grown on porous copper, a promising anode material for lithium-ion battery", Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society, 2017.Hyeji_KCERS (Best paper award)

K. Nam, K. Hong, H. Park, H. Choe, "Facile synthesis of powder-based processing of porous aluminum nitride", Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 2017.Nam_AlN foam

J. Kang, H. Choi, J. Kim, H. Park, J. Kim, J. Choi, S. Yu, K. Lee, Y. Kang, S. Park, Y. Cho, J. Yum, D. C. Dunand, H. Choe, Y. Sung, "Multidimensional anodized titanium foam photoelectrode for Efficient Utilization of Photons in Mesoscopic Solar Cells", Small, 2017. (Supplementary Information)

R. C. Pawar, J. Um, S. Kang, W. Yoon, H. Choe, C. S. Lee, "Solvent-polarity-induced hematite (a-Fe2O3) nanostructures for lithium-ion battery and photoelectrochemical applications", Electrochimica acta, 129, pp. 1 - 7, 2017.

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J. Kang, Y. Noh, J. Kim, H. Choi, T. Jeon, D. Ahn, J. Kim, S. Yu, H. Park, J. Yum, W. Choi, D. C. Dunand, H. Choe, Y. Sung, "Iron oxide photoelectrode with multidimensional architecture for highly efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting", Angewante chemie, 129, pp. 1 - 7, 2017. (Supplementary Information)

H. Choi, S. Shilko, J. Gubicza, H. Choe, "Study of the compression and wear-resistance properties of freeze-cast Ti and Ti-5W alloy foams for biomedical applications", Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 72, pp. 66 - 73, 2017.

E.J. Cheng, K. Hong, N.J. Taylor, H. Choe, J. Wolfenstine, J. Sakamoto, "Mechanical and physical properties of LiNi0.33Mn0.33Co0.33O2(NMC)", Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 37, pp. 3213 - 3217, 2017.

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J.S. Kang, J. Kim, M.J. Lee, Y.J. Son, J. Jeong, D.Y. Chung, A. Lim, H. Choe, H.S. Park, Y.-E. Sung, "Electrochemical synthesis of nanoporous tungsten carbide and its application as electrocatalysts for photoelectrochemical cells", Nanoscale, in press, 2017. (Supplementary Information)

K. Nam, H.-G. Kim, H. Choi, H. Park, J. Kang, Y.-E. Sung, H. C. Lee, H. Choe, "Morphology and Gas-Sensing Properties of Tin Oxide Foams with Dual Pore Structure", Journal of Electronic Materials, 2017.☞

H. Park, H. Choi, K. Nam, S. Lee, J. H. Um, K. Kim, J.-H. Kim, W.-S. Yoon, H. Choe, "Anode design based on microscale porous scaffolds for advanced lithium ion batteries", Journal of Electronic Materials, 2017.☞

H. Park, J. H. Um, H. Choi, W.-S. Yoon, Y.-E. Sung, H. Choe, "Hierarchical micro-lamella-structured 3D porous copper current collector coated with tin for advanced lithium-ion batteries", Applied Surface Science, 399, pp. 132-138, 2017.☞

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[Prior to Kookmin Univ.]

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